Here are some interesting facts about the respiratory system.

  • The surface area of the lungs is so large that you can compare its size to a tennis court.
  • Lengthwise, all the blood capillaries in the lungs measure up to 1,600 km.
  • The process of respiration produces carbon dioxide and vapors of water as byproducts. The total amount of water that changes to vapors during the whole day equals half a liter.
  • The breathing rate of children and women is fast than those of grown-up men.
  • The lungs are the only organs of the body which can float on the surface of the water. This is because each lung contains millions of alveoli containing air.
  • People who are habitual of breathing through the mouth can end up with crooked teeth. This is because breathing through the oral cavity can cause the jaws to shrink in size.
  • While at rest, our normal rate of breathing is twelve to fifteen times per minute.
  • Our lungs are not symmetrical. On the other hand, the left lung is smaller in size than the right lung. This is so that the heart can have sufficient room in the chest cavity.